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The Real Men Don’t Buy campaign was started in 2011 by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to fight trafficking – particularly of children – into the sex trade. It featured a series of YouTube videos with celebrities.

This article is written by Christine Raino, Senior Director of Public Policy, Shared Hope International Center for Law & Policy

Get Justice for Survivors of Online Sex Trafficking:  Amend #CDA230

Things are heating up on Capitol Hill as we advocate to get justice for survivors of online sex trafficking by amending the Communications Decency Act.  We invite you to join us in taking action!

Here’s the problem:  Sex trafficking is exploding online, finding haven in online classifieds that provide a platform to facilitate sex trafficking.  Despite knowingly facilitating this crime, these websites are permitted to hide behind an outdated and misinterpreted provision of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).  Section 230 of the CDA was never intended to protect entities that facilitate sex trafficking, and yet, courts have repeatedly interpreted Section 230 as providing blanket immunity for online entities, including online entities that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking.

The solution:  To address this legal loophole, two bills were recently introduced in the House and Senate:  HR 1865, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and SB 1693, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.  These two bills would amend the CDA to ensure websites that facilitate sex trafficking face culpability for their role in this egregious crime.

The Opposition:  However, the tech industry is fighting any change to Section 230.  They are working to silence the voices of survivors of sex trafficking and keep the status quo.  Big tech will be on the Hill, holding back-to-back briefings on September 7 and September 8, but your voice as a constituent is just as important and can be just as loud.

Take Action!  We are asking you to do 3 things in the next week:

  1. Sign up for Thunderclap.  This is our opportunity to join our voices together to make a big impact on the day big tech is on the Hill.  Sign up here!
  2. Send out Sample Tweets.  Spread the word on social media by retweeting our tweets here!
  3. Call your Members of Congress. Call on September 7 & 8, on the days big tech are on the Hill, and show your support for survivors and amending the CDA.  Find our easy call scripts here (scroll to bottom of page).
Thank you for taking action to ensure justice for survivors of sex trafficking!
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