This is a detailed video about a rescue mission by the U.S. Marshals, for missing children in Georgia.  While 39 missing children were rescued, 15 of them were victims of sex trafficking.  There is a very narrow definition for a crime to be considered sex trafficking, so when charges are made for sex trafficking, it is definitely a good day for law enforcement and the anti-trafficking cause.  Watch the video and read article here.  8/28/2020

UPDATE 9-10-2020 – Thankfully, I did not report on all of the inaccuracies that were floating out there, but I did quote the article in saying that there were 15 victims of human trafficking.  I stand corrected.  Of the 39 missing children recovered, authorities suspected that 15 were trafficked, but only were able to confirm 6 cases of trafficked children.  This resulted in only one charge of sex trafficking for one perpetrator.  Here is a clarifying story.  9/30/2020

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